Many Dads Suffer From Low Testosterone (Low T) once they reached the age of 35

Many Dads Suffer From Low Testosterone (Low T) once they reached the age of 35

Latest 5 Low Testosterone (Low-T)Symptoms

First let us talk about the basic. What does testosterone do? The entire male reproductive system is dependent on hormones, which are chemicals that stimulate or regulate the activity of cells or organs. The primary hormones involved in the functioning of the male reproductive system are follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone that initiates the internal and external development of a male fetus, including the reproductive organs. It plays an important role during male puberty, sparking growth spurts, hair growth and genital changes. It can also cause aggressive and sexual behavior in men.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is produced in the ovaries in women, the testes in men, and the adrenal glands in both genders. It is an androgen, or a hormone that stimulates the development of male characteristics. While men have it in higher amounts, men and women have testosterone to some extent.

What are the issues associated to low level testosterone or Low T?

Low levels of testosterone in children can cause problems during puberty, such as a failure to grow pubic hair or experience a growth spurt during puberty. Boys with too little testosterone may notice disproportionate growth, with arms and legs growing out of proportion with the rest of the body, and decreased strength and endurance.

Once a man reaches adulthood, low testosterone levels may cause a loss of body hair and a wrinkling of the skin. It can cause increased body fat, poor sexual performance and mood disturbances.

What is Low Testosterone or some also calls it Low T?

  • Low testosterone (low-T) is underproduction or lack of production of testosterone in men and women.
  • Causes of low-T include chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, infections, obesity, or other hormonal conditions.
  • Symptoms of low-T include

                   Change in sleep patterns
                   Reduced sex drive (low libido)
                   Sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)
                   Emotional changes
                   Decreased strength
                   Weight gain

  • Low-T testing includes linking symptoms with testosterone blood levels.
  • Treatment options for low-T include different forms of testosterone replacement therapy.

Some Symptoms that can also help lead your male body into Low T Level are as follows:

  • Obesity
    Chronic Medial Conditions in the liver and kidney
    Hormonal Disorders
    Medication (narcotics, chemotherapy

What are the Low Testosterone symptoms and signs?

  1. Change in your sleeping pattern, could be insomia or all of a sudden you became a light sleeper.
  2. You start noticing an increased of body fat in your belly and reduce muscle bulk
  3. You have less desire to have sex, genital numbness, erectile dysfunction or infertility
  4. You noticed a decreased in your motivation and might be suffering from depression.
  5. Uncontrollable sleep apnea
  6. Worsening congestive heart failure

How can I find out if my testosterone level is normal?

Contact your nearest Testosterone Replacement Therapy Center and they will help you get your blood tested for your testosterone level. If your blood test comes back wit    300 ng/dl or below you are suffering from Low Testosterone or Low T.

What available treatment for Low Testosterone ( Low-T )?

Treatment of low testosterone

hypogonadism is a fully accepted therapy. Treatment in older men is more controversial. Discuss your testosterone levels, symptoms, and side effects of treatment with your doctor to establish whether you should receive therapy and what form of therapy.

  • Transdermal or Skin Patch – You apply this once a day
  • Gels – You apply this directly to your skin and absorb through your skin. Although dosing is far more difficult with gels.
  • Testosterone Injections – Testosterone can be delivered by injections. Which is a safest and less harm to your kidney.
  • Pellets – the doctor will implant soft pellets in the soft tissue and release the testosterone.

Many doctors don’t recommend using pills because they believe long term oral use of testosterone can harm your liver.  Other treatment bypass your liver by administering the testosterone through your skin and going directly to your blood stream.

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